Delivery of Individual Parcels From USA to Ukraine
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Shipping Information


Region                                          Sea                                                      Air


                                                 Price/lb         Delivery         Time                Price/lb           Delivery              Time

Western Ukraine and Kiev    $0.85              $10.00         4-6 weeks           $2.59               $10.00                 7-14 days

Another regions                     $0.85              $15.00         4-6 weeks           $2.59               $15.00                 7-14 days


Small Air Bundle price is $25.00, this includes parcels up to 4.99 lbs, optional insurance is extra


Air parcels between 5 lbs to 10 lbs, has minimal weight charge of 10 lbs.


Sea parcels has a  minimum chargeable weight of 12 lbs.


Maximum value of goods one may ship to a recipient in Ukraine without having to pay customs duties is 150 EUR.


The customer can insure their parcel for the full value of the parcel, which cost 2.5% of the value of goods.

To calculate the cost of shipping to another country, please contact our office for a quote at 773-486-6563.


Delivery From Online Store

Cost of delivery for air parcels with weight up to 2 kg:

​Cost of delivery for air parcels with weight over 2 kg:

Tariffs are applicable for the parcels with maximum weight of 110 LBS/50 kg in total. We do not deliver parcels heavier than 110 LBs/50 kg.

Maximum value of goods one can send in a parcel without payment of import duties should not exceed 150 euro in equivalent of USD. If the parcel`s value is more than 150 euro, we can divide your goods into two parcels to avoid exceeding the limit.


If the parcel exceeds maximum weight and can not be divided, you will be charged by customs a 32% fee for exceeding customs limit.

All parcels are insured for $60 free of charge.  Customers have the option to insure the full value of the parcel, which cost 2.5% of the value of the parcel.

Storage of your parcels in our warehouse up to 3 months is FREE of charge.

Although we offer without charge such services as:

• consolidation
• repacking
• additional package.

Delivery on the territory of Ukraine is already included in price and you don`t have to pay any additional costs. All parcels will be delivered to the recipients address.

International Shipping Air and Sea

Because we ship to many countries and each country has its own specifications, please contact us for your counties information.