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Our Vision

Chaika Inc. was established in Chicago in 1995 as an international courier transporter. Today, Chaika Inc. works with one of the leading shipping companies, Dnipro LLC headquartered in New Jersey. Our parent company, Dnipro LLC, is a fully licensed freight forwarding company. Dnipro LLC is a TSA certified Indirect Air Carrier, an IATA agent, and an FMC licensed NVOCC.

A message from our parent company:

We can handle your cargo needs on shipments as small as 10 pounds to oversize/overweight equipment that requires special handling. 

Our company was the largest shipper to Ukraine among all of the IATA agents from 2007-2009 and in 2010 we shipped almost 1 million pounds of air freight internationally. In 2011 we doubled our air traffic volumes to 2 million pounds and shipped nearly 6,000 vehicles overseas. Last year, our warehouse personnel sorted and processed approximately 250,000 packages and truckloads of pallets, which we receive daily.

Our team of highly trained professionals has accumulated almost 100 years of expertise in the shipping and logistics industry. Our goal is to provide quality service at a cost-effective price. We understand that every client is unique and we strive to satisfy his/her needs using an individual approach.

Company Profile

Chaika Inc. opened it's doors with a simple goal to provide a shipping service to Ukraine as a international courier transporter. Since our inception, we have evolved into one of the leading shipping companies in Chicago, reaching many countries. Today, we ship to over 20 counties throughout Europe by sea and by air. Our goal maintains to be the fastest, most reliable door to door shipment service from Chicago, with consistency being our key to leaving customers satisfied.

Our shipment team is located throughout the country in states: NJ, PA, NY, OH,  MI and FL.

We have grown in our community, offering multiple services needs. 

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